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Free Pet Rx Discount Card ℠
The Free Pet Rx Discount Card ℠ is a program that can save you up to 75% on most of your pet medications. When you take a few seconds to print your discount card, you can immediately use your Free Pet Rx Discount Card ℠ at participating pharmacies to take advantage of great savings. You don’t have to buy your pet’s prescription drugs from Vets. More than 600 drugs used to treat pets are actually the same drugs prescribed for humans at a different dosage, and you can find some of the best deals at your neighborhood drugstore.
Our Free Pet Rx Discount Card ℠ works for pet owners, and can also be provided to pet store owners as well as pet organizations and non-profits seeking to bring savings to their customers and clients. This initiative works by giving you the lower of a discount off Average Wholesale Price (AWP), discount off Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) Pricing or pharmacy promotional and retail price. You can even use the Free Pet Rx Discount Card ℠ for you and your family as your primary plan or to save money on your medications that are not covered by your insurance plan.
With savings just a click away, why wait?

How To Use The Free Pet Rx Discount Card ℠

By printing your Free Pet Rx Discount Card ℠, you are taking the first step towards saving up to 75% on the final cost of the drugs prescribed to your pet. All you need is your discount card and a written prescription from your Vet before going to any of our 56,000 participating pharmacies.

Everyone is eligible for the Free Pet Rx Discount Card ℠, and all of your information is completely confidential. There are no limits to usage, no paperwork to fill out, no health restrictions and never any fee for using the card. This is a completely free way to save up to 75% on both brand and generic drugs for your pet.